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Environmental controls will begin in 2020

2020-10-28 Source:guanliyuan01
 A new round of environmental controls is due to begin in 2020.Machinery manufacturing will be affected by the need to control volatile organic pollutant emissions (VOCs).
Environmental controls will result in a shortage of upstream raw materials, affecting the delivery times of machinery manufacturers.
Efforts to control environmental pollution have continued to increase, and the cost of environmental protection for manufacturing industries has risen.The rising environmental costs are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
    First, we increased investment in ecological and environmental governance. In order to meet strict pollution discharge standards and supervision and management requirements, enterprises have increasingly invested in strengthening infrastructure construction and operation and maintenance in air, water and solid waste pollution treatment, ecological construction and protection and other aspects.
   Second, the cost of upgrading clean technologies will increase. In order to promote supply-side structural reform and meet environmental standards and policy requirements, manufacturing enterprises have increased their investment in cleaning, upgrading and upgrading of production equipment and technology.
If you have a purchase plan for the fourth quarter, we suggest you make it as early as possible, otherwise it may affect your purchase cost and delivery time.


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