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The bearing temperature is too high! ? How is it caused?

2020-01-02 Source:guanliyuan01
High bearing temperature is a common and harmful failure of rotating equipment, which will reduce the service life of bearings and increase maintenance costs. When the temperature rises quickly and the temperature exceeds the standard, it may easily lead to an unplanned shutdown or reduced load operation of the unit. The economic benefits have a great impact.
Therefore, to quickly determine the cause of the failure and take appropriate measures to solve it is the guarantee of continuous and safe operation of the equipment.
Common reasons are as follows
1) Improper refueling amount, too little or too much grease
2) Grease does not meet requirements or is contaminated
3) Improper installation
4) Insufficient cooling
5) Bearing wear
Does this happen to your device? Do you know how to solve it?
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Good service,high quality, Competitive prices!