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The importance of the correct way of bearing shipment!!

2019-07-12 Source:guanliyuan01
There are many forms of damage to bearings in Transit. For example, Physical impact,Dampness, Contamination, etc,. According to the British P&I  Association statistics. 25% of the bearing damage was caused by Physical impact. One of the reasons is due to improper loading of containers. Lack of proper packing to protect the goods from long voyage.

Physical damage is usually caused by the goods not being properly packed,tied up,or cushioned, which may be due to the negligence of the shipper or the packing warehouse and the failure to take appropriate precautions.

In order to ensure that the goods are not damaged in transit, DEBOT Pillow block bearing workers are very careful every time we load the container. To prevent the pallets ups and down during the course of the ship's voyage. We will apply packing reinforcement for every shipment.
DEBOT Bearing manufacturing has always had ZERO complaints about shipping.
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Good service,high quality, Competitive prices!