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How to reassure customers about the products? —— Guarantee product quality from the production process.

2019-11-18 Source:guanliyuan01
The quality control of product production often depends on the inspection of the product production process and the quality of the product inspection program has a direct impact on product quality.
In our factory, there are three phases of inspection, First inspection, patrol inspection, and final inspection, these will be carried out in our production process. At the first inspection, professional-quality inspectors will select 5-40 products for inspection. Two to sixteen products are inspected every two hours. The inspectors will carry out a series of inspections on the size and appearance of the products in the special inspection room in the production area.
We will also regularly train quality inspectors in equipment operation to ensure product quality and reassure customers. The following is our training site of the measuring instrument. The measuring accuracy of the measuring instrument is 0.0001mm. It is mainly used to measure the inner diameter, outer diameter of products.

In the production process, what ways do you use to ensure product quality? Welcome to the comments below. 
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Good service,high quality, Competitive prices!