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Avoiding sea freight cargo damage from improper shipping container packing

2019-11-14 Source:guanliyuan01
Every year there are numerous occurrences of sea freight cargo damage. The majority of these result from the improper packing of cargo into shipping containers. This is a serious problem which results in:
1、Damaging the container itself, as well as neighboring containers, container lifting equipment, and the cargo ship
2、Inflicting serious injury to, or causing the death of, shipping personnel
3、Causes unnecessary costs, disruption, and delays to shippers, transporters, importers, exporters, and insurers
Freight damage and cargo damage incidents occur more frequently than you might expect, and this is due to a variety of factors, including poor pallet quality, incorrect loading procedures, and unfortunate product leakage. 

DEBOT uses strict packaging to avoid such incidents. A piece of paper folded into a cardboard box is stronger than a regular carton for better protection.

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Good service,high quality, Competitive prices!