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How to disassemble bearings

2019-11-04 Source:guanliyuan01
When the machine or equipment is in daily repair or damage, it is necessary to remove the bearing. Especially when disassembling due to bearing failure, check the parts around the bearing, the lubricant and the bearing itself, which will help to find out the cause of the problem and solve the problem.
How to disassemble bearings
1. It is best to be experienced or under the guidance of experienced personnel;
2. Determine the specific method to be used before disassembly.
3. Prepare the necessary bearing removal tools;
4. When re-using or inspecting the disassembled bearing, take care to avoid scratching or damage the bearing raceway or rolling element; when removing the bearing from the bearing housing, the disassembly force is applied to the outer ring; the bearing is removed from the shaft, and the disassembly force is applied to On the outer ring.
The main method of disassembling the bearing?
1. using hand or hydraulic
2. use a special wrench
3. using the puller
4. using induction heating equipment (inner ring)
5. using the oil injection method
Having doubts about your the disassembly procedure for your bearings?
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Good service,high quality, Competitive prices!