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One fake bearing could break your thriving business

2019-06-24 Source:DEBOT BEARING
What are fake bearings? The simplest definition of counterfeit bearings is cheap, inferior quality bearings that are marked and packaged identically to the original premium brand product. When you purchase pillow block bearing, please pay attention to the appearance, precise and center distance.

Once you want to save money, it will be risk to purchase the fake bearing, comparing with the losing of installing , it would be very painful for enterprise shutting down to dismantle equipment. More seriously, many of bearings are used in highly critical applications and can affect more than the companies that use them, so that bearings play a great role for equipment.

You have high expectations for quality, durability and dependability with end customers’ request. However, when you pay for premium and get average, or even downright faulty or old refurbished products, you’re not getting what you paid for. Machinery failure, down-time increases and physical danger to workers and consumers in critical applications. In addition, companies could suffer long-term reputational damage and criminal action if they are caught supplying counterfeits.

To face these problems, choosing a high quality supplier is necessary and important. When you received the offer, if the price or lead-time is significantly lower than other reputable suppliers, please reconfirm with the quality and before made decision .Although Chinese market is complex, there is also conscious enterprise make the product competitive and excellent.

Debot machinery specialize in pillow block bearings over 10 years , the professional manufacture with great experience in quality control , we provide solutions not only just simple products , hope we could do helps with the problems you are worry about . If you have interest, please feel free to contact us, we believe it won’t let you down. Debot Machinery Co, Ltd
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Good service,high quality, Competitive prices!